Life in Commack Claimed

Local Directory and News

Life in Commack is a local website all about Commack, New York. One site where you can find all the information you need on all things Commack. You can find information about local businesses, neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, parks, shopping centers, etc. You can find things to do and eat. You can see the local news and weather. There is also a scoreboard with scores from Commack High School. You can also write reviews on local businesses to let your neighbors know how they are. We also have a store with local merchandise.

Yeah, I know you can go on google and find all this same information; but it’s a pain in the @$$. Have you ever searched for a business on google and gotten results way out of town. I don’t want to see something two hours away. I want to see what’s local. I just wanted a localized site that has everything in one place.  That is why I created Life in Commack.

*** Future phases of the site, we hope to add house listings, job listings, and dating.

What do you want to see? If there is anything that you would like to see added to the site let me know.